Thursday, May 31, 2012

The End of the Beginning

That was it, our last step before meeting at ECHS (at 3:30AM for the Cornell Cohort) to depart for the East Coast. The ILC Orientation was probably the most useful and meaningful meeting to me so far within the ILC. I truly feel like all my questions have been answered and my needs have been met.

Packets, Notes, and Documents
The meeting began with comments from Mr. Ramsey, Don, and Mrs. Kronenburg regarding the importance of being on time, and how tardiness was being considered for the 8th deadly sin within the ILC. After the meeting truly began, the three leaders each gave speeches on various elements of the ILC, from Loaner Items to Admission Officers Meetings. Mrs. Kronenburg's speech addressing how the program was not a scholarship, but more of a job really got to me. Thinking of everything I do as earning my scholarship really adds meaning for me, and makes me appreciate the program more. After these speeches and being reintroduced to our chaperons, we split into our cohorts and met separately. We discussed our travel specifics and were able to talk with previous ILC Cornellians about the campus and trip in general. Our chaperon Alfredo seems really enthusiastic and fun, and I look forward to travelling with him. The meeting ended on a good note from Mr. Ramsey congratulating all of us on making it to the final step of the ILC introductory process.

Now here we are, 18 days until we leave, just under 3 weeks. I am ready. I am prepared. Most of all, I am excited. Thank you to the Ivy League Connection for this amazing opportunity!

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