Thursday, June 21, 2012

Leaving Philly Behind

We woke up at 6:45 to get ready for our last main excursion during our stay at Philadelphia. Like yesterday, we arrived at the train station and this time, set off to Trenton. After a roughly 20 minute taxi ride, I saw Princeton for the first time ever. The buildings in view were amazing and were just like the old fashioned castles from the early century. The campus was very large, and the buildings' architecture added a historical touch to it. Another upside to Princeton was the abundant trees that provided shade when we weren't outside the buildings. We walked in the visitor building, and awaited for the info session.

We walked into a one of their magnificent buildings, which had large doors similar to Hogwarts'. We entered the room, and every detail of that room was eye catching. There were around a dozen portraits hanging off the wall, with seats on two sides of one long table. There held the info session. The man who spoke was very energetic and very passionate on what he talked about. His pants were like pajamas, and from the moment I saw them, I knew that he was different from the regular admissions officers. He wasn't one of those strict people that were usually expressionless when they talk. When he spoke, he was giving personal experiences, and amusing the crowd as well as giving enough information on Princeton.

Room at Princeton 
The tour was great, but I could barely hear what our tour guide was saying. We were in the back, and I was mainly just mesmerized by their old school  architecture. The buildings were not like those boring skyscrapers. They brought us back 200 years, as the scenery was what we weren't used to look at in the Bay Area. It was a great experience, and to top it off, we finally got a taste of a Philly Cheese Steak after coming back to Philly. It was great, but I only had a chance for a taste, so I could save up for the dinner.

Cathedral in Princeton
Castle Looking Building
Our First Philly Cheese Steak
We had a good few hours to relax at the hotel before heading out to yet another fancy dinner; this time, we came to the Lacroix Restaruant. We were supposed to meet up with Princeton alumni, but they couldn't make it. None the less, the dinner was still enjoyable. The food and service made this dinner just as good, if not better than the Fountain Restaurant a few days ago. Their bread was superb, along with all the other courses. I had a soft-shell crab appetizer along with a tasty duck dish. Because this was our last fancy dinner,  I had to have a desert, a blueberry and lychee cheesecake.

It was disappointing that no one from Princeton could have a dinner with us, because no one lived near Philadelphia. This was the second time we dined by ourselves instead of with college alumni, which was great and all, but I wanted to get to know how Princeton was through its past student's eyes. Though we dined by ourselves, this was still a fantastic day to end our Philly stay. Now, our last stop, Cornell, finally awaits us.

The Amazing Bread

Soft-Shell Crab

The Tasty Duck


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