Monday, June 18, 2012

Live From Philadelphia

Today was a pretty eventful day. The Cornell cohort gathered at El Cerrito High School bright and early to leave for SFO and make our flight to Philadelphia. Our shuttle was early and we arrived at SFO so early that none of the check-in registers were even open! I was shocked to see about 50 or so people just waiting to check in their bags. After checking in our bags and going through security, we enjoyed a nice breakfast before we boarded our flight to Philadelphia.
Waiting in Gate 26 for our flight to leave.
For the most part, the flight was pretty uneventful. I sat in middle of three seats with Rachael to my left and an elderly woman to my right. The lady to my right was reading today's San Francisco Chronicle and passed section by section to me as she finished reading them. I spent the flight reading the newspaper, rereading Four Seasons: The Story of a Business Philosophy, listening to music, and playing with my IPod. It was nice to just relax and get to know more about both the world and refresh my mind about Isadore Sharp's book.

After we landed and claimed our bags, we were driven to our hotel: The Inn at Penn. I was expecting the driver to drive like the cab drivers I had in New York City last year, but it was anything but. The driver wasn't aggressive, in fact our driver didn't drive any differently than any driver would drive in the Bay Area.  We then checked into our hotel which is magnificent. The WiFi is fast, the room is comforting, and I'll get to know my cohort member Calvin better because we're roommates!
Our hotel room.
Our hotel room, part 2.
The dinner tonight at Del Friscos was magnificent. I had a prime rib-eye that was extremely succulent. Now that I'm full and happy to be on the east coast, it's time to wind down and hang out with Calvin for a bit before I sleep.
My delicious steak.
The birds' eye view of my steak.

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  1. There’s no question, Eric, but that we’re feeding you all too well. Between the Cornell group and the Columbia group, the photos of your dinners are just killing me. Here it is in the middle of the day and the only thing I’ve eaten since dinner on Sunday was some nuked rice and beans last night and I’m staring at these huge juicy steaks.

    If any of your cohorts are wondering why I’m so slow in commenting on their blogs right now, take the hit for the team and fess up that it was your dinner photos that forced me to leave my computer and head into the kitchen to find something edible.