Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Preview to Cornell

Today was the preview of how the summer classes would be like. We started off by moving from our fancy hotel to a dorm. This was pretty sad because I had finally adjusted to the comforts of the hotel. Now, we just downgraded into a non-air conditioned, double room with no bathroom. It’s not a terrible change, because, after all, this is what college is like. This will definitely help me prepare for life beyond high school.

After checking in, I took the elevator up to my dorm. It was an average sized room, which was divided for two people. I unpacked by belongings and set out with the other cohorts to get some food at the dining hall. There were many choices, and they were pretty good. It was like a buffet style, and they even had special foods for allergies.

After the lunch, we set off to explore the dorms. Calvin’s room was in the South Balch and Alex’s was located in the Risley. Then, at 2 PM, there was a mandatory orientation where the dean explained the courses. It was very informative about what Cornell's summer program was and the intensity of the classes. Later, we actually met up with our professors in our future classroom. We had  married professors, and it seemed very fascinating seeing them work together. They described the course and the more they spoke, the harder the class seemed. The course would be rigorous, but as they said, if one manages their time right, they will succeed. 

Finishing off the day, we had an ice cream party that was held outside of our dorm. It was enjoyable, and everyone had their own groups. This lasted an hour, and following that, was some floor meeting. This was where all the supervisors reviewed all the rules and regulations of living in the dorm. It took a while, but was a necessary session. 

Cornell has been a wonderful experience so far. The only problem here is the confusing campus. It is so huge that it is easy to get lost. Even with a map, I walked off to the wrong places a couple of time. However, it shouldn’t be a problem as the days progress. The program seems like a lot of work, but I assume it will still be fun. Well, only time will tell now.

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