Saturday, June 30, 2012

Productive Day

I took advantage of today to get a lot of things done. In the morning I relaxed with Calvin, Alex, Eric, and Frank as we watched a bit of Casino Royal and Flightplan. We then did laundry and saw some people who had no clue how to do laundry. I saw a girl who put her wet clothes into her laundry bag and then put the entire bag into the dryer. While we Waite for our clothes to get clean, all the guys and Matt went outside to play a game of catch. We discover that we wouldn't be a great baseball team because we had trouble catching the ball - we couldn't string 20 consecutive catches in a row.

After our clothes got clean I went to the RPCC computer lab to work on my group's presentation. It was interesting because one of t groupmates, Kathleen, is from China and her English isn't great. I have been to China and can understand Mandarin to some extent but can barely speak Mandarin. She speaks to me in Chinese when she can't explain something in English and I try my best to answer in Chinese but it comes out at about 60% English and 40% Chinese. It's interesting because I get to brush on Chinese, get to know her, and get work done. We made considerable progress and with a little work tomorrow, we'll be ready for our practice presentation with Mark tomorrow afternoon. My job is to speak about the various brands of hotels Host has manage it properties and Host's competitive edge. With practice, I'll be ready to go on Monday.

After a pretty productive day, it's nice to just kick back and relax as I escape the heat in the only air conditioned building in Donlon Hall: the lounge.

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