Saturday, March 31, 2012

Being an ILCer 101

Today, as the rain and storms gave way to the sun and blue skies, I made my way to Mr. Taylor's computer lab at Hercules High School for "Don's Damned Tutorial".  When I arrived, I was looking forward to meeting fellow ILCers that I didn't know, but I was surprised when I walked in and saw a trio of people I see everyday: Mr. Litvin, Rachel Redlo, and Tanya Krishnakumar.

As more and more people filed in, I didn't really get to meet anyone new, but it was neat to get to see who else would be going to other Ivy League schools.  During the tutorial Don covered everything from the dos and don'ts of laundry to the responsibilities of being an ILCer.
Cornell University
To conclude the tutorial Don walked us through posting a blog on Blogger. To be honest, going into the tutorial I thought that this part of the tutorial wouldn't be very interesting because I thought it would be like last year's tutorial where we watched Don post a blog on a screen. I was wrong. This year we got to actually practice blogging. I found this to be extremely useful because Blogger has a completely different look, compared to last year. Also, actually practicing blogging made me realize that I was having problems posting pictures exactly where I wanted them to go. Each time I tried to post a picture in the middle of my blog, the picture would always go to the top of my blog. This is an issue that I was glad that I realized now, rather than later.
Cornell University
Finally, what the tutorial did was made me realize that in a couple months I will be on a plane heading off to Philadelphia for college tours and later, Ithaca for Hotel Operations and Tactics for Profitability at Cornell. Before the tutorial, I didn't realize how quickly my trip was coming up. And as Saturday gives way to Sunday, I am really looking forward to spending my summer in Ithaca!

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  1. Eric,

    Being an old hand at blogging as an ILC alum, there's a lot that you already know. We tried to prep you all last year but even so we had trouble with some of our ILCers following directions. This is one of the reasons we make everyone attend these tutorials. Having access to a computer lab--even one with antiquated computers--was better than last year where we asked you to bring your own laptop so you could access the REALLY slow wi-fi.

    Being an old hand at blogging from last year, I'm sure it wasn't necessary for me to remind you about the protocols we asked for such as how to justify the left and right hand margins for uniformity (hint-hint--not to worry, I already fixed it).

    On the whole, I thought we had great success at this set of tutorials. People got to meet new ILCers, you all got to learn a little more and it got you out of the house for a little while. And the proof is in these fine blogs that I;m reading. I'm very impressed with how well the group has done.