Saturday, March 31, 2012

Blogging Has Finally Arrived

Starting off with gloomy weather that included strong winds and a lot of rain, the tutorial session was held in room 106 at Hercules High School. I ran through the, fortunately, light rain, and, avoiding puddles, made it inside the classroom. The time was around 8:45 AM, fifteen minutes before the tutorial began, which gave me plenty of time to let Don scan my ID and medical card. I was looking forward to meeting a bunch of people that I never met before, who were also attending ILC courses. It was intimidating at first, walking into a classroom with no one I know, especially if I made eye contact with the unfamiliar students. It's like being a new student half way through the school year. Eventually, I was calm enough to talk to my fellow cohorts.

When it was finally 9:00 AM and everyone was seated next to a computer, Don began talking about the tutorial agenda he passed out. To be honest, I was quite horrified when I saw how thick the packet was, which I estimated to be at least 15 pages long. Later on, though, I was relieved to find that most of the paper were just examples of past blogs. Talk about a scare! In first hour of Don's speech, he covered things such as: how critical it was to check our emails on a daily basis, the basics about blogging, and the responsibilities that we must follow. It was very informative, but sitting on such a hard chair and not moving really gets uncomfortable for a while. Luckily, a ten minute break helped ease my pain.

After the quick break at 10:15 AM, we were going to get the hands on experience of blogging. We went through the basic editing of Blog Spot, and experimented with its functions such as adding pics. It was enjoyable to hear stories about past ILCers' blogs, with some good and some bad. I mainly remembered the funny ones like how people compared Don to Satan, and how complicated it was for students to use software other than Microsoft Word that was supposedly "just as good."

Overall, this was a fun experience. It was cool to learn how to blog. It is also intimidating, since this is the very first time I am blogging. I'm feeling very paranoid about making a lot of elementary mistakes or doing something wrong. Nonetheless, I was especially fond of meeting new people because I got to see how everyone was like. Also, having Don talk about the food, restaurants, experiences, and stories just made me even more pumped for summer to come. 
The amazing Cornell campus
Oh, by the way, I hope that this blog isn't too short/long. I'm not that used to this new blogging thing.

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  1. Okay, Frank, explain to me how a past ILCer comparing me to Satan is so funny. This person wasn't joking. Even to this day he probably still telling horror stories about me but that's okay because he's the source of a great many stories that I tell our newbie ILCers about what not to do.

    Your blog is just fine, Frank. Not too long, not too short and with plenty of pretty photos--and you know how much I like pretty photos.

    And by the way--the tutorial packet was 34 pages long.