Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sneezing, Sweating, and Blogging

Sunny and hot: my kind of weather, except when it's springtime. I woke up bright and early on a beautiful-looking Saturday, not from my annoying alarm clock that plays the same guitar riff over and over again, but from the discomfort of my three sheets that seemed to be too heavy to get out of. Now I'm not going to lie and say I jumped out of bed ready to go to Don's Darned Tutorial, in fact for a few blissful seconds I thought I had the whole day to myself until I saw the writing on my hand: "Passport, ID, Health Card, Flashdrive." Now off to Hercules High we go!

I got to Hercules High and was greeted by a burning sun and hot and suffocating air. Now I would usually appreciate this weather, but hot days during springtime seems to transform my nose into a pollen magnet, making me sneeze uncontrollably. Somehow I got to the tutorial room still intact.

During the tutorial, Don went over the basic of blogging, the "do's and don'ts." Everything from what font the writing should be to how to insert pictures in the blog. After we learned all the technical aspects of blogging, it was time for the hard part: actually writing it. Don told us to write anything we wanted as a practice blog, but I couldn't think of anything (plus the fact that I somehow got distracted by the birds in a nest outside the window). 

Concentrating on Blogging
He then went on talking about taking and editing pictures (even about how to hold a camera!). Now I'm no expert at editing pictures but you would think that a tutorial would help you get better at it, but not in my case. I got more confused with new terms such as "dpi" and with concept concerning resolution and pixels. After rereading the handout Don gave us, I think I am now back to my original point of confusion. 

This tutorial made me even more excited for the trip to Cornell. Many of the alums of the program have told me how tedious and bring blogging can be, but I don't know, it seems pretty fun so far. Only time will tell.  

Cornell University

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