Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Bright Beginning

The day began began bright and early, at seven o'clock Saturday morning. After a quick shower and breakfast a moment of panic ensued when the medical card which Don had requested "vanished." Luckily I was able to find the card (in the place I had unsuccessfully placed it so as not to lose it, my wallet), and dress in some of my  lightest clothes, and still be just on time for my ride. The small amount of nervousness which a had felt for the meeting vanished once I was greeted by the schoolmates I was carpooling with. I used my time in the car to ask all the questions I could think of to one of my fellow carpoolers, Nick (who did the Freedom and Justice Program at Cornell last year).

The Source of my Excitement, Cornell University

My first reaction upon entering the building was surprise at how few people were there. This lasted a brief time until I realized we had arrived thirty minutes early. After exchanging pleasantries with Don and scanning my medical card, I found a good spot and waited as more people trickled in. When the full group had arrived (a little after nine), the tutorial began. Don covered a wide range of topics throughout the tutorial, and set many of my concerns to rest. We discussed blogging, our upcoming events, what we needed for the actual trip, what was expected of us, and much more. This information was enhanced by Don's seemingly endless supply of bizarre, entertaining stories. When the tutorial ended my final thoughts were of how prepared I felt and how surprisingly enjoyable the tutorial was. 

As I realize that in less then two months I will be going to take a class at Cornell University, I cannot help but look back and see how long the process has already been. From the first introductory meeting, to the many essays, to the interview, to the Cornell Cohort Dinner, and finally to this, it has already been months. Months of checking my email once or even twice a day, months of praying that "Evil" Don doe not appear, and months of anticipation. It has been a long and stressful process, but I have no doubt that it is worth it, and I would not miss this opportunity for anything. The Ivy League Connection has given me the biggest opportunity of my life, and I could not be more excited. I eagerly await the next big milestone... the ILC Dinner!

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