Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Night to Remember

On a cool Monday night, the Cornell cohort embarked on our first milestone even with the ILC, the dinner. We gathered at the El Cerrito Plaza BART station. I thought it was neat because this was the first time that our whole cohort was together. It was nice to see everyone and I enjoyed talking to my fellow Cornelies as we rode the BART and walked to the restaurant Prospect.

Upon arriving at the restaurant, we were greeted by some Cornell alumni and soon after we arrived, more and more alumni began to file into the restaurant. It was really awesome to get to meet and talk to these alumni about their experiences at Cornell and how what they studied at Cornell affected what they have done or are doing since graduating.

After everyone mingled for awhile, Mrs. Kronenberg allowed everyone to introduce themselves and spoke a little about the ILC. She was then followed by Rachael and Eric who eloquently spoke about why they wanted to join the ILC and what they're looking forward to. Both Rachael and Eric managed to infuse humor with their speeches and it seemed like both are comfortable with public speaking. Finally, Mr. Ramsey made closing remarks about how the ILC has made prestigious institutions such as Cornell household names and that the change that the ILC has made can be seen throughout our community.

 Following the speeches, I thoroughly enjoyed the conversation with the alumni at my table (Tony Bandanza and Maxime Domain known as Max), as well as the succulent food and great service. It was amazing to hear about what Tony and Max's experiences were like at Cornell and it was especially interesting because Tony did his undergraduate at Cornell while Max was fresh from France when he came to do get his graduate degree in computer science at Cornell. Based on the stories that I heard, I'm looking forward to going to Ithaca, New York more that I ever before!

I can't wait to make the walk from the dorms to my class, learn with students from around the world, explore Collegetown, and walk around the lake and cross over the gorges! Last night was truly a night to remember!

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