Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Scallops, Speeches and Great Alums

It was just after 6:20 when my father and I, dressed in our finest formal wear, arrived at the El Cerrito BART station. After the group assembled and boarded the train, I could not get my mind off the speech I knew I would be making. When we arrived in San Francisco, my mind finally cleared and I prepared for what I knew would be a fun and educational night.

My Scallop Appetizer
The restaurant, Prospect, is probably the fanciest restaurants I have ever eaten at. The food and service was excellent. I had scallops for my starter, followed by a chicken dish, with a slice of chocolate cake for desert. I began the event very timid, and it was not until Don urged us students to reach out that I truly began socializing. The opportunity to meet and interact with so many Cornell alums, School Board members, and supporters of the Ivy League Connection was a wonderful experience. I really appreciated the chance to interact with adults as peers, and participate in mature, intelligent discussions.

In retrospect, being asked to make a speech in front of a room full of adults was more of an honor than a burden. Although I was quite intimidated, I think I managed to make my point and deliver a good speech. I talked about why I chose Cornell, why I chose the Freedom and Justice Program, and thanked all involved for giving me this chance. After my speech I was able to relax much more, and enjoy the dinner stress free.

All that remains before leaving for the East Coast is the School Board meeting tomorrow, and the ILC Orientation on the 31st. Only two more milestones until the departure date and I could not be more excited.

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  1. Eric,

    I have no idea why you might have been nervous-you did a great job with your speech. You spoke well and said all of the right things so how could we ask for more?

    And I have to agree whole heartedly with you with regards to the outstanding service and the great dinner fare. As much as I appreciate a good chicken dinner, and how much I love fish, my pork chop was REALLY good--REALLY good.