Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Freedom and Justice, and Food!

The day kicked off as usual, going to school and then to baseball practice, but the whole time I was thinking about the dinner at Prospect.  After arriving in San Francisco where the cold and the wind accelerated my longing to finally be on the East Coast in the summertime, we were greeted by the warm and welcoming private backroom at Prospect.  The evening commenced with mingling amongst the ILCers as well as the alumni and sponsors, who were all so generous to spend their time with us that evening.  There I met my chaperone for the trip, Alfredo, as well as many former students of the school as waiters came around offering fancy finger foods and beverages, the crab and cheese mini-sandwiches being my favorite.  Hearing about opportunities available at Cornell through these graduates really opened my eyes to what lies in store for my trip this summer.

The evening progressed as we sat down and listened to the presentations by Mrs. Kronenberg, Mr. Ramsey, and two ILC students.  It allowed me to understand what a unique and extraordinary opportunity we have been given to study at an Ivy League college.  I was encouraged by Peter and Alex’s emphasis on the strong unity the Cornell alumni possess, as well as Catherine’s insights into her engineering courses as well as her sharing her knowledge on the extra-curricular and off-campus life in Cornell (did I mention she was on the Varsity Diving Team!?). 

Then the food began to arrive.  I started with a delicious Greek salad (which unfortunately was demolished before a thought crossed my mind to take a picture of it), followed by a Petaluma chicken breast with smoked king trumpet mushrooms and an English pea puree, and strawberry sorbet for dessert.  Unfortunately my allergy to eggs limited my dining experience especially in the dessert portion as I enviously watched my colleagues and tablemates enjoy chocolate stout cakes and house-made strawberry cream biscuits - two baked goods, my weakness…..

The night was surely one to remember.  The first-hand experiences at Cornell that the alumni were able to share with me allowed me to simulate my own time there.  I additionally felt completed by becoming introduced to my entire Cornell cohort.  I am truly grateful to have this opportunity to visit the East Coast this summer!

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