Friday, June 1, 2012

Almost There

Today was the final step before the Cornell cohort gathers at El Cerrito High School with our suitcases ready to embark on a journey to remember. The annual ILC orientation was held at Pinole Valley High School.

The night began with Mr. Ramsey and Don speaking about the importance of punctuality and Mrs. Kronenberg followed up be who made it crystal clear that we earn the right to be in the ILC every day we're in the program and that being in the ILC is a job - not a prize. Finally, before we broke up into our cohorts, Don had a smaller version of his bazaar on display and explained that we're all allowed to borrow whatever we need but we have to return everything to Don.

We then broke into our cohorts and Mr. Chan-Law present each of us with our itinerary which looked pretty daunting because it was about 15 pages front and back worth of travel information. Mr. Chan-Law broke it down for us and told us about what we were going to do during our first week of college tours and said that he would try to work around our busy schedules during our program so that he could take us on some trips to see some interesting things around Cornell.

Finally, ILC alums Yueming Wang and Terilyn Chen spoke about their experiences at Cornell. While they assured us that we will be challenged academically, they also told us to go out and make friends and to not be afraid to ask for help. They also spoke about how enjoyable their experiences were and it just made me eve more excited to head off to Cornell.

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