Friday, June 1, 2012

Countdown: 17 Days To Go

Thursday night marked the final event for the Ivy League Connection before the ILCers fly off to the East Coast. I arrived at the orientation in Pinole Middle School at around 6:25 PM, a few minutes before we started.

As I entered the Multi Purpose Room, I found my cohorts along with Mr. Chan-Law. I sat down, as papers were being passed around. I saw a lot of people bringing notes, and I got scared for a second that we had to take notes in the orientation. Good thing it wasn't mandatory because I would have seemed unprepared. Everyone faced toward the podium, and in a few minutes passed 6:30 PM, with the final students arriving, the orientation finally started.

Don started off by stating all the important things we must do, like emphasizing the need to be punctual for everything because no one waits for late students.. Then Mr. Ramsey introduced all the chaperons, followed by Mrs. Kronenberg talking about the difference between this program and other scholarships. Unlike scholarships, which gives you money to spend, the ILC makes everyone work for their money, like a job. With another quick briefing on borrowing items from Don, each program formed their own groups.

Mr. Chan-Law started handing paper that described the layout of our trip, and talking about where we were going. Then, previous ILC alumni, Teriyln Chen and Yueming Wang shared their experiences with us. They said that the Hotel Management Course was really hard, but they were still able to have a great time, as they were able to see museums and the Cornell campus on the weekends. All these discussions about how we're going to spend our time there makes me even more thrilled to be in this program.

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