Friday, June 22, 2012

From Philly to Ithaca

Waking up at 8:30 AM, it was the longest sleep I've had in our trip, which was very relaxing. Later, I double checked my luggage to make sure I didn't forget anything. When we were down at the lobby, we waited for the SUV that would pick us. Similarly, at the airport, our flight was the same. It was delayed for half an hour. Luckily though, everything else went smoothly at Cornell.

We arrived there at around 2:30 PM. It was the best plane ride because I was actually able to sleep the entire time. Ithaca's airport was every eventful. Picking up our luggage, my cohorts and I noticed an unclaimed baggage. Feeling like good citizens, we brought it back to the airport employees. When Mr. Chan-Law booked our SUV, and we set off outside. I was pleasantly surprised that the weather was not that bad. The sun was out but it was not humid. We arrived into the Statler Hotel, and Mr. Chan-Law came to us and told us that we all had our own rooms. It was very pleasing, and the rooms were wonderful. 
My Room

View of Cornell outside my Window

Needing some supplies, my cohorts and I walked to a convenience store. We came out of our fancy hotel and tried to find college town. As we walked, we admired the campus. The grand architectures were very similar  to that of the other Ivy League buildings. They were tall, magnificent, and pleasing to the eye.

After we got everything we needed, everyone washed up for our dinner at The Heights. The restaurant was quite small, and we drove past it before finally locating it. We entered and went to our own room. In the room, we were greeted by the Cornell Alumni. I sat next to a very nice lady called Beth. I also talked to Jill, the admissions officer, and Julie, a rising senior at Cornell. The conversations were about their experiences of Cornell. The food was great, as usual, because we picked a fancy place.

Food at The Heights
My first impression of Cornell was that it was amazing, and had a better campus than all the other campuses we visited.. The campus was enormous, as well as pretty to look at. Also, just like the Cornell alumni said, the students there all connect with each other, and down to earth. This was another reason why Cornell was one of the best colleges that I've seen.
Group Picture of All of Us

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