Monday, June 25, 2012

It Has Begun

First day of class! Today Frank, Rachael, and I went to class and saw both Mr. Chan-Law and Mrs. Kronenberg sitting in the corner observing our class. One of our professors, Mark, is a very sharp man. He stopped Reneta once to show us a way it is OK to yawn and said 'Six of you have yawned already'. Whether he actually kept count or not I have no clue, but I'm going to believe that he was actually keeps track.

After we went over the norms of the class, we were divided into two groups because the computer lab couldn't fit all 81 students. In the computer lab we took a behavior test and I came out as an Analyst-Stabilizer which means I have a hard time making decisions because I want to weight all of my options and that I don't like aggressive and confrontational people. I find this to be very true.

When my group came back from the computer labs we did introductions where you had to interview the person next to you and them introduce that person. I introduced a girl who will be a rising junior at Oklahoma State studying Hotel Management. She's doing a dual-program with a school in Guangzhou, China where by the time she finishes her senior year at Oklahoma State she'll have a degree from both her school in China and Oklahoma State.

In the afternoon session, Reneta spoke about franchises, the worlds largest hotel brands, and how ADR (average daily rate) and RevPAR (revenue per available room) are calculated.  After the lecture, We then were broken into groups of four. Each group contains four people who each have a different behavior so that each group will have one persuader, one analyst, one stabilizer, an one controller. The idea is that we'd butt heads and have to learn to deal with people we don't get along with.  The funny thing is that during office hours, my group got along really well. We weren't confrontational and we learned a lot together about how to use the CHESS program. While we only completed 2 days on the trial, both days we made a decent profit. Honestly I really look forward to office hours!

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