Monday, June 25, 2012

Are we there yet?

My day has been non-stop from 6:30 this morning until now, at 12:18 AM. Busy is an understatement for my first day of class. I also did not get much sleep thanks to the thunderstorm right outside my window at 2 AM! I got up earlier because Eric invited me to talk with the group at breakfast; unfortunately, they were busy doing some last-minute readings, so I was bored for the next half hour. We finally started walking to class at 8, and thanks to my fast pace, we got there in eleven minutes. I don't think Eric and Frank wanted to get there that early though....

The professors, Mark and Reneta, wasted no time in getting down to business. They went over their class rules and expectations again, and, after some lengthy student introductions, separated Groups A and B. Group A went to work on their memo and behavior analysis, while Group B enjoyed some lecture time. After about an hour, we switched. I am an Analyzer-Controller, by the way; basically I sound anti-social, arrogant, and untrusting, but I will get the job done, and make sure decisions are made. One must always take these tests with a grain of salt. As for the business memo, we just had to answer questions about why we are in the program, something interesting about ourselves, and what our behavioral style is. I tried writing one on my own before looking at a template; I actually was not too far off from what it is supposed to look like.

Between the morning and the afternoon sessions, we had a lunch break. First, I had to go to the Cornell store to buy a flash drive for class (I forgot mine at home somehow); then I headed over to the closer cafeteria, Trillium. Between the Vet Med kids and the Hotelies, each with over 80 students, the small building was incredibly crowded and nearly impossible to navigate. Since the burger line was almost out the door, I went to the apparently unpopular deli line (or lack of) instead. I sat with Frank, Eric, Mr. Chan-Law, and Ms. Kronenberg (today was her last one), but left early so I could start on some homework. We had a lecture on the different classes of hotels and how to calculate things like average daily revenue. After class we had a three-hour break before mandatory office hours; we had to meet with Mr. Chan-Law first to check in with him. Then I rushed to my room to get in a quick 20-minute run before dinner. I didn't end up having much time to eat, but it was worth it. Office hours were much easier; we did our assigned reading and freely played with the CHESS game. I finally arrived back in my dorm around 9:30 PM, attended a mandatory meeting concerning safety rules, and made calls to family. As exhaustion now kicks in, my body is wondering, "Are we there yet?"

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  1. We already read that stuff... We were reviewing and were going to quiz each other on the way down. We wanted to get there early, but we also wanted to take our time and get to know other students along the way to class.