Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Long Long Day

Today was the second day of class. After breakfast, I walked down to the Statler Building. I sat with my new group, which was assigned yesterday. To start the class, Mr. McCarthy discussed standardization. This is all about the management of hotels, including efficiency and consistency. A company has to be consistent in quality throughout their hotels, and efficiency describes the ability to use resources with the lowest cost possible. After, each group was told what hotel they were going to get for their group project. My group got Best Western. It is a private company, so it was harder to gather information on the company. I would have preferred to research a luxury company, but this huge hotel chain is good too. Later in the day, the professors separated the class into two sections again. My group and I went with section B and arrived into the computer lab.

In the computer lab, Mr. McCarthy taught everyone how to use many of the Microsoft Word gadgets. We only grazed the surface of all the functions of Word, but it still took over an hour. He told the class that it would take another decade or so to finally master Word. It was interesting though, learning new things. I learned about themes, and how to copy and paste folders onto desktops. He was able to make the class fun with jokes here and there. Finishing this part of the class, I went with my small group and ate lunch.

After lunch, I walked back to class. It was an estimated 2 hour lecture. The only way I was able to not be drowsy was by taking notes. Mrs. McCarthy described the CHESS simulation, giving us some tips on how to succeed. After the lecture, we joined the other section again, and  Mr. McCarthy came back and talked about how the hotel industry was broken down. It is divided into three groups: real estate, management, and owners.

This day passed super slowly. It felt like the last two days felt like a week. I guess I'm not used to these long classes. Tomorrow, I'm guessing that it will be better because I will have gotten used to it. 

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