Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My First College Lecture

Today was our "official first" day of class since we started our real lectures and discussions about our readings. The lecture by Professor Kramnick was focused on Justice in Christian Political Thought. He touched base on many sub-categories about God's Laws and the contradictions found in the New and Old Testament. After Professor Kramnick's lecture, we broke into our discussion groups and talked about how some forms of justice were justified and if there was a standardized definition of justice. The whole discussion required a lot of deep-thinking. After our discussion groups, we went to lunch and then reconvened at the lecture hall for our guest lecturer Ray Schlather, a local lawyer that has been in famous trials and will be speaking for a federal case. He taught us mainly of our rights in the 4th and 5th Amendment (rights against unjust search and seizure, and the right to remain silent). He told us three real cases that he worked on where his client was practicing their rights and throughout the lecture, told us to "breath life" unto the Constitution.

Once class ended Eric, Alex, and I went to the Donlon Hall lounge to starttonight's reading. Shortly afterwards, we went up to dinner with the rest of the Cornell cohort and Matt. The Hotelies had to leave early to go back for office hours while the four of us went back to the Donlon lounge. Matt ended up playing the bagpipes for a while, and we were amazed. He told us he played when we met him, but to actually see him was simply amazing!

Our friend Matt playing the bagpipes
Although we've only had one, I think I will extremely enjoy these guest lecturers. Class, as a whole, also seems to be getting more and more engaging. Well, now it's time to finish reading the works of Saint Augustine and Thomas Aquinas.

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