Wednesday, June 20, 2012

It's Nice to Go Back

The Big Apple, New York City, home of Columbia University was our destination today. It was a fun experience for me to get to go back to Columbia where I studied Constitutional Law last summer. Because I was a little bit familiar with the Amtrack and subway system in NYC, I got to help point our cohort in the right direction. Just stepping off the train at Penn Station in NYC brought back great memories with last years Columbia cohort! 

Big Board.

Train pulling in.

It was unfortunate that we had to visit Times Square during the day and in the record heat because I think that our group was a little disappointed with Times Square because it's not extravagant during the day. If we could see Times Square at night, I think everyone would have been absolutely amazed. Today was odd at Times Square because the whole middle section of Times Square was clocked off for a public yoga session. Primarily women spread out everywhere trying to copy yoga poses from one another.

After leaving Times Square, we went to Columbia where I led the cohort in the wrong direction (I'm sorry for making you guys walk more!) and resulted us walked back across the whole campus to get to the bookstore and then a quick bite at a sandwich shop along Broadway. We then went to the information session and I realized that I don't like Columbia as much now as I did last year. During the information session, the admissions officer kept talking about Columbia's core and why it's so great and makes Columbia, Columbia. The core is essentially a set list of courses that every student must take over the course of four years. The core is very rigid. There isn't a list of classes to choose from that can fulfill the same requirement. There is one class for every requirement. That's why I don't like the core. Maybe Columbia isn't for me.

Times Square
Following the information session, we went on a college tour. I thought I knew all I needed to know about Columbia, but I was wrong. I couldn't recall that the land was purchased from an asylum and that one of the conditions was that one of the buildings from the asylum had to be kept. The result is a building that looks out of place and houses the French department. Also I knew there was a building named the "Northwest Corner Building" but I never knew it was just named that not only because it's located in the northwest corner, but because the alumni are still raising money so they can give the building a different name. Sadly because the college tour went on longer than expected, we didn't get to talk to the admissions officer because we didn't want to miss our train back to Philadelphia.

When we got the Penn Station, we found that our train was delayed for about 20-30 minutes. When the train  arrived, we rushed to the end of the train because every other car was packed, and to our surprise the car we were in was just about empty. We took our seats and began to talk and laugh like it was a normal car, but we ended up getting several dirty looks and were asked to be quiet because the car we were in was a "quiet car". I didn't even know such a car existed!

Our train, number 193 was delayed

Waiting for our train.
Finally, for dinner we ate at Amada a restaurant owned by Iron Chef Jose Garces! I was amazed that we actually got to eat food from a menu designed by a world renown Iron Chef! I never thought that I would get anywhere near eating food from a chef that I watch on Food Network.

At the restaurant, we ordered Chef's Choice which ended up being four courses and about 20 dishes! I thought everything was interesting and delicious except for this truffle lavender honey sauce that can be described as weird and funky.

Overall, today was a fun day! I got to go back to the Big Apple, revisit and learn more about Columbia, and eat food from an Iron Chef's restaurant! Princeton is up next!



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