Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Cornell Cohort Together Again

Today was our first day all together as a cohort since we flew in to Ithaca. It was a lot of fun. I feel like we have grown very close of group. I guess that is what happens after 3 weeks of seeing each other every day and practically living together. It is going to feel strange going home and not seeing them. Luckily we are already making plans of things to do back in the Bay Area, primarily going to play golf.

Baseball Hall of Fame
It was around a two hour drive to get to Cooperstown, which made me really appreciate how nice our rented vehicle is. The AC and ability to play music from our iPods through the cars speakers made the trip mug more pleasant. Considering the group, I am sure we would have had a great time even without those luxuries.

Three Championships in a
Row for the Athletics!

When we arrived in Cooperstown we went to have lunch at Alex and Ika Restaurant. It was an "interesting" experience. It was probably the worst service I have ever gotten. The food and drinks took forever to get there. No one ever came around to refill our water glasses. Our orders were completely forgotten or just wrong. Rachel, especially, was inconvenienced  as her burger was first completely forgotten, then came out drastically undercooked. On top of all of that, the meals were overpriced, portions too small, and simply did not taste that good. Our silver lining was that it was a bonding experience, and we got to spend almost 3 hours together joking about the situation.

Art of Babe Ruth and his
Famous Called Home Run
 The Baseball Hall of Fame was amazing. I am so glad we made the time to drive out and see it. We bought a whiffle ball and bat, so we finally can go out and play baseball risk free. After the return trip we had to eat out, since lunch had take too much of our time and we were too late for dinner. We went out for Vietnamese which completely made up for lunch! I had Kang Pao Chicken, and a boba Vietnamese iced coffee. I was very impressed by the meal, especially after the terrible lunch experience.

After dinner we returned to Cornell, played whiffle ball, hang out in the lobby, and finally I watched Adventurela d with Morgan, Gloria, and Alyssa before I went to sleep. It was a great day.

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