Saturday, July 7, 2012

Rounding Third, On the Home-Stretch

For the first time in the two weeks I have been here, I woke up earlier than my roommate! After a quick breakfast, we prepared with our 2 hour drive to Cooperstown. Just like our drive to Colgate yesterday, most of the scenery consisted of cornfields and cows. The weather wasn't on our side either; for the last hour and a half of the drive, it was raining fairly hard. Luckily, once we arrived at Cooperstown, it was only a light drizzle. After making a few rounds trying to find a parking spot, Mr. Chan-Law brought us to Alex & Ika Restaurant for lunch. Unfortunately, the service was not up to par. We ended up spending a total of 3 hours there. The drinks alone took about 30 minutes and the food took one and a half hour. In fact, the service was so inconsistent that the waitress forgot about Rachel's food. Unfortunately, the food was not outstanding enough to balance out the sub-par service.

After our disappointing lunch, we headed towards the National Baseball Hall of Fame. We spent a good hour and a half there. Although I do enjoy the world of baseball, I have to admit that after about a floor and a half of exhibits, I got a little tired of it. I did enjoy seeing the "A's" exhibits throughout the museum though (little known fact: I prefer the A's over the Giants). After we toured the Hall of Fame, we headed back to Cornell.
"National Baseball Hall of Fame"
"Holy Cow"
Read it and weep Giants fans
Babe Ruth (L) and Ted Williams (R)

By the time we arrived to Ithaca, it was already past the closing time of the dining hall so we decided to go eat at as Vietnamese restaurant. The service there was very good. As karma has it, Rachel ended up getting her food first while the rest of use waited (but only for a few minutes). The food was delicious and filling. After dinner, we went back to our dorms and did laundry.

Overall, today has been a fun and relaxing day. Now I have to revise my paper and catch up on some of the reading. This three day weekend seems to be going on forever, not that I'm complaining. Well, time seems to have flown by; it is already our last week here at Cornell. Keeping with the baseball theme here, I guess you can say that we are rounding third and on the home-stretch.

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