Monday, July 2, 2012

Exhausting Presentations

Presentations have finally arrived. Every one had to dress up, and it was very uncomfortable walking in dress shoes. I must be honest though, I was concerned about nervousness because our group didn't even put together our finished PowerPoint before breakfast. Luckily, our group was really organized, so I was confident that we would finish before class started, which we eventually did.

Presentations started at 8:45 AM, and they were all very informative. There was a total of 10 groups that went up before lunch, which meant 5 hotels, as every 2 groups do 1 hotel. After a quick lunch and a group picture, I was about to go up to present. Mr. Chan-Law came to see Eric, Rachael, and me, since we all presenting close to each other. My group went up to the spotlight in around 2:15 PM. It was not as intimidating as I first thought. As I stood up behind the podium, Mr. McCarthy was always giving me encouraging nods, which helped. After all the groups presented, we received great news. Our office hours for today was cancelled.

After class, Eric and I met up with Alex, Calvin, Matt, and Eric Wilson in the TV lounge and because there was no rush to get to office hours, watched part of the Brides Maid. It took way too long so Matt, Eric, and I went to dinner while the other three continued to watch. After dinner, everyone was waiting for the fireworks. For some reason, the fireworks weren't going to be on July 4th, but instead, be 2 days early.

The place was packed. There was at least 300 people lying on the grass. I met up with the hotel  management TAs, who provided snacks to us. The fireworks were not bad, but not the best I've ever seen. It was pretty cool because everyone was just gathered in one area. The fireworks were not as high as I was used to seeing with fireworks, but because the location was great, as Cornell University is on a slope and a person could see the surroundings, it was worth going to. 

This day was one of the most eventful days in Cornell, with the presentations and fireworks.

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