Monday, July 2, 2012


Today was the big day. Presentation Day. I was surprised because I didn't feel nervous as group after group present and the time for me to present came closer and closer. I took notes on all the other presentations about not only content but how that group presented so I could make mental notes about what to do and what not to do.

After ten presentations, we had lunch which I ate quickly so I could make it back to Statler Hotel where I practiced by myself for a good half hour. I went over and over and over what I was going to say and when I was done practicing, I got to know some students from China as we waited for the rest of our class to show up for a class picture.

When class resumed, the next 10 groups, including my group, presented. It was cool to see Mr. Chan-Law who came to class just to watch us present. Right before my group had to go up, the other group presenting about Host Hotels and Resorts had information that was conflicting with mine, but when we calmed down and reviewed our notes, we were confident that we had the right information. That gave us a little bit of a confidence boost that we carried into the presentation. When it was my turn to talk, I felt like I was beginning to lose the class because they had already sat through 15 presentation that repeat information, but Mark's thumbs up and nods gave me more confidence as I moved along.

At the end of class, Mark and Reneta announced that office hours would be canceled today because we had worked extremely hard on Sunday and just assigned us homework and told us to study for our quiz tomorrow.

Also, today we watched Ithaca's Fourth of July fireworks that was put on tonight. ( I have no clue why.) Matt, Frank, and I walked to the clock tower to see the fireworks. We sat with the rest of the Hotelies and snacked on food that our T.A.s provided. The firework show was pretty good for a town like Ithaca and it gave Matt, Frank, and I some time to relax and talk before we made our way back to our dorms to attack our homework.

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