Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Last CHESS

I started off my last Tuesday here with my final CHESS simulation with Reneta. My group already had an Excel data sheet planned with all the expenses ready to put on our hotel simulation. It didn't make the minimum goal of $70,000 a week, but it was a great start. In the end, we managed a little above $50,000. We finished off our work with a presentation on Excel from Mark. It was long, but it was cool because almost everything we did was new to me.

After we finished our daily lectures and work, we Skyped with our guest lecturer, Bob LaFleur. The webcam was very intriguing. It was facing the front of the class, and there were buttons on each desk. When someone clicks it, the webcam automatically zoomed toward the person. It was very unusual to see one of our classmates on full screen on the projector we used to Skype. 

He discussed about the hotel industry, like how Marriott's stock should have been higher than it actually was. He was extremely knowledgeable about what he does, as he was very specific in his lecture to our class.

After class, we only had about 2 hours of free time before office hours at 7 PM, I took full advantage of it by playing basketball. I went with my Chinese friends and played a quick game. Then, we played a 5 on 5 with some strangers, in a game to 11. We lost by a few points, but it was fun, nonetheless. It was very intense, and my back was like a river of sweat, soaking up my t-shirt. I had to even take a shower before office hours.

Office hours concluded our routine day. Thinking back, it's surprising that last week went passed very fast. After only 3 more actual days, we will be flying off. Time passes fast!

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  1. Only $50,000 per week? Sounds like bankruptcy court for you, Frank.

    Gotta cut some corners--reduce your costs and bring in more room renters. Make your hotel a more attractive package and find ways to get your customers to leave behind a bunch of bucks. It's all about the profit, Frank, and you've got to maximize that if you want to succeed.