Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Everyone's Tired on Tuesday....

Day 2 of the final week. Today we had a lot of lab work. Mark showed us how to make a pay-off matrix while Reneta had us analyze our final CHESS data. The pay-off matrix wasn't too bad - I'm starting to get used to Excel and its strange ways. Analyzing data was also easy; all of our charts are done, and now all we need are our room contribution statements so we can easily calculate transient displacement for groups and make predictions for a hypothetical week at our hotel. We also had a guest lecture via Skype today from a hospitality stock market analyst. He was very knowledgeable and interesting to listen to. He went into detail about the hotel companies that he tracked - including Mariott and Starwood - and answered questions afterwards (I asked about the benefits a company could experience by going public).

Even though it seems like an easy week, everyone is still tired. We don't get home until late, and many of us ingest caffeine either during lunch or dinner to stay awake during class, so it's hard to fall asleep early. I try to avoid it, but when the lecture is particularly important, I succumb to the lures of Diet Pepsi. Today, though, was my last time; I'd rather be tired and doze off a few times because that's what my body needs than stay awake using stimulants, chemicals, and syrup. 

Thankfully, my group has already started writing our report. I noted a few points we could keep in mind when looking at our rooms contribution statements, and wrote the introduction tonight. Alva has started on the market analysis and transient displacement calculations, while Ryan and Colleen manipulated data to fit into a pay-off matrix and several graphs. I know tomorrow and Thursday will feel a little stressful, but I feel confident that we can get this done with little hassle, and no all-nighters. Colleen and I agreed that as long as we just wrote it section by section, it would feel much easier. Like the last report, this final analysis was not meant to kill anyone. Until then, though, I have a quiz to study for.

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  1. Rachael,

    You never told us what the answer to your question about the benefits of going public was. How am I to sleep with that question hanging over my head?