Monday, July 9, 2012

Guest Lectures and Basketball

Mark and Reneta invited two guest lecturers: Barbara Lang and an admissions officer from the SHA (School of Hotel Administration). Ms. Lang spoke about business etiquette, specifically about first impressions and professional e-mails. She delved into how my generation is much more different than her generation because my generation is so tech savvy that we spend more time e-mailing and texting than we do talking to people face to face. One consequence of this, she explained, is that our e-mails and texts lack tone which means that the reader can't tell the personality and as a result, the message can be interpreted as sounding angry even when the intent is to be nice. She said that this is one area that we all need to pay attention to, especially when it comes to sending professional e-mails.

The second guest lecturer was an admissions officer from the SHA. She spoke about the requirements to get into the SHA and spoke about the many different paths one can follow during his/her four years at Cornell. One way to go is to skip a semester of school as well as one summer to take a double major with the CIA (Culinary Institute of America). During the semester and summer, a student can complete the CIA's rigorous culinary course and earn a degree. When that student finishes up his/her degree with SHA, that student will have two degrees. Another path one can follow is Hotel Ezra Cornell which is basically one weekend when the Statler Hotel is run by students and the students give seminars and host the hozrspitality industry leaders, alumni, and fellow students. I found this to be very interesting because it allows the soon-to-be graduate to get first hand experience  in the Hotel Industry. Hotel Ezra Cornell is extra experience in the industry as every student has to have 800 hours of work in the Statler Hotel. I find it very awesome that even freshmen get to have a job in the Statler Hotel and get a taste for the field. This explains why Frank and I have seen our T.A.s working in the Statler as we walk by.

After class was over, Frank and I went to play basketball with Calvin, Alex, and Eric against our Chinese friends from class as well as their friends. I think it's fair to say we're pretty even talent wise, but they won simply because they're all taller than us and all they did was shoot, miss, and get a rebound, shoot, rebound, and shoot until they made the shot.

Finally, at office hours, I played CHESS one more time and brought my average daily revenue to $9,600 which is $400 short of $10,000 which would get me the $70,000 per week revenue that I am aiming for. The $9,600 daily revenue was the highest I've ever got.

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  1. Eric,

    Have you considered cooking the books to get the numbers you want? No? Okay.

    I'm very interested in reading your thoughts on what you were told about the way "your" generation handles emails. I've often challenged our ILCers to be professional with their emails and the value of first impressions. You've heard it from me and you've heard it from Barbara Lang so now does it make it official?