Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday was a Fun Day

Today was nowhere near the standard of terrible Mondays.  It was a fantastic start to my last week at Cornell. The lecture today addressed Burkean Conservatism, and introduced the final topic of the class, equality. The discussion section was, once again, extremely interesting and engaging. There is nothing more rewarding than Ulas' smile which indicates that you have made a good point. After lunch, we had another writing workshop in which we worked on our Plato essays. Ulas worked with us on improving out writing stylistically, mainly making it more concise. Then we read each other's papers and did a peer review. Finally, at the very end of class, we got our midterms back and I was thrilled to see I had gotten an A-.

After a quick meeting with the cohort, the guys headed up to play basketball. We played with a group from China who are in the Hotel Management Class. To put it gently... We did not win. All the same, it was still a lot of fun and good exercise. Then it was time for dinner. Alex, Hannon, Calvin, and I headed off to go bowling with Morgan and Alyssa after dinner (and two games of pool, which I think I am finally improving at). Finally I watched some TV with some dorm mates before bed. 

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  1. Eric, Eric, Eric--We send you to upstate New York to represent the WCCUSD; to represent our community; and to represent our country and you get beaten--by foreigners--in a game invented here in the US. Oh, Eric--the shame of it all.

    Do we need to include a demonstration of an applicant's B-Ball skills when we interview our applicants?