Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I knew It! Reality Television is Educational!

Today Frank and I began to settle into our routine. We get up at 6:30 AM, meet at room at 7 AM to go to the RPCC for breakfast. We leave at 7:30AM to find a different way to class. On average, we arrive in class  at 8:10AM with time to cool down a bit before class begins. Today was a bit unusual in that we didn't begin class with a lecture. Instead, we began class by watching an episode of "Hotel Impossible". During the show, Anthony Revamps, a very successful general manager of several hotels, is called in to turn struggling hotels around. The episode today was about Penguin Hotels in South Beach, Miami.  While the show is about what Revamps does to fix a struggling hotel, it is also littered with facts about the hotel industry such as that clients spend more time in the lobby relaxing than they do in their rooms.

After our lectures today, my group went to the computer lab to play CHESS for an hour and a half. It's amazing how fast that hour and a half went by. We then went to lunch and we class reconvened, Mark taught us even more about Word as he walked us though creating a business memo. 

Mark then spoke about the ins and outs about giving a PowerPoint presentation which has made me more excited about my group presentation on Monday! There's a lot to keep in mind when it comes to preparing. Not only do we have to have our material down, we have to make sure our presentation skills are on point. We have to  have smooth transitions between speakers, speak confidently, know where we're going to stand, where we're going to put our hands, and where we're going to look, just to name a few. I really can't wait to get to go and practice and practice our presentation so that we can have a very good presentation.

Right now, I'm listening to Calvin going crazy playing 'A Thousand Miles' on the piano. It's an awesome way to relax and blog after a long day.

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