Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Reality TV and CHESS

To begin the day, I met up with Eric and ate breakfast. We got ready and started walking at around 7:30 AM. It took 15 minutes to walk to our building, so once we were there, we had some free time before class started.

To start off this class, Mrs. McCarthy played a reality show called "Hotel Impossible." It was about a man named Anthony Revamps remodeling struggling hotel businesses. This episode featured the Penguin Hotel in Miami, and Revamps described how the problems, like the unsanitary bathrooms, was from the hotel manager, even though the house keepers are the ones that make up the rooms. The movie was a great beginning to entertain our class before those very long lectures.

After the lunch break, I finally started actually trying CHESS. It was like a video game, except much more complicated. There are three types of customers: business, leisure, and groups, and I tried to not use my money on groups and focus more on business customers. I did fairly well, as my first time. My final profit per day average was around $8,400. It was very fun to use this program, and on the plus side, it helps teach us about what hotel managers have to do. The advantage of this program is that there aren't any real life affects from my decisions to, for example, raise or lower the expenses on amenities for the leisure customers.

Finishing up class, I met with my ILC cohorts at Bailey Hall. Mr. Chan-Law was there discussing what we were going to do on the weekends. We were all discussing about visiting the baseball hall of fame and smaller events, like watching Spider Man. After our group meeting, we went to buy our Cornell sweaters. When we finished paying, then walked to to dinner, and later, Eric and I finished off our day in our office hours from 7-9 PM.

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