Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Relaxed Day

I woke up on my new bed at 8 AM and set off to breakfast. The food was good, and we met new people. We hanged out with a man named Matt. He was very interesting, and it was fascinating to find out about new people.
 After filling our bellies, we set off to explore the campus. Eric and I wanted to know the route to our classroom, so we went to the hotel building. We met up with the El Cerrito students later and visited the clock tower. It was closed, but we went to the other side of the tower. The view was incredible. It was very different from California, because there was so much green. The next stop was the science building. It was completely different from the other older buildings. It was very clean, and their bathrooms were much nicer than the dorm's. We finally went back to our dorm after a while.
Wonderful View
Cornell's Clock Tower

New Building in Cornell
At 1:30, we had a crash course. It lasted for about 2 1/2 hours, but it was intriguing. The speaker explained college life. She explained the importance of sleep, and why teenagers should get around 9 hours of sleep. She was fun because, when everyone was getting tired, she let us bounce beach balls in the auditorium, though the balls never got to us. Overall, it was nicer than expected.

Us Playing with Beach Balls
When we arrived back to the dorm, we finally did the laundry for the first time. It was confusing, but at last, we just decided to throw everything in the washing machine and see what happened. In total, all five of us needed three washes because everyone had huge loads of clothes. We past time by playing catch with Alex's tennis ball. The washing was fine, but then the dryers was very complicated. When we put the clothes in, the time was set to 45 minutes. We were afraid that our clothes were going to shrink, so we checked back 35 minutes later. They weren't all dry, but we decided that that was enough. I would say that  it was a good first experience.

After this day, there won't be any leisure time left. It's going to be work work work at the hotel course. It was a great adventure while it lasted. Hotel Management, here I come.

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