Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sun and Rain

Sunshine followed by rain. That describes today. The weather this morning was beautiful. There were clear skies and there was a nice breeze which kept the temperature relatively cool. Eric, Alex, Calvin, Frank, Matt, and I took advantage of our free time to time our walk to our classrooms and just check out the surrounding areas. We tried to climb McGraw Tower, but we didn’t know there were only specific times when people are allowed to climb the tower. Following that, we toured the science building because we thought it was the architecture building and took our time walking back to the RPCC for lunch.

The view from the walking bridge.

McGraw Tower

We enjoyed our lunch and then made our way down to Bailey Hall for a college crash course. The crash course taught me that college is about time management because in college, the vast majority of learning takes place outside of the classroom. The better college students manage their time, the better he or she will do because he or she won’t be stressed. Stress, according to the speaker, is arguing with reality because it’s physically impossible to accomplish everything that needs to be done. Also, having better time management allows for more sleep which our speaker said is crucial. She said that we need five cycles of sleep, each of which is 90 minutes. She said that it’s crucial that we finish a cycle before we wake up because if we’re in the middle of a cycle and we wake up then we will be really groggy and won’t be able to focus which will result in us not being able to absorb as much as we can.

The speaker also let us take a test to find out what kind of learner we are and I found out that I am an assimilator like Frank and Eric. As assimilators, Frank, Eric and I like to focus on concepts and the big picture as opposed to focusing on minor details.

The view from the bottom of McGraw Tower

The view from the bottom of McGraw Tower

Following the crash course, we spoke briefly with Mr. Chan-Law and Mrs. Kronenberg before we made our way to Mary Donlon Hall where Eric, Alex, Calvin, Frank, Matt, and I all did laundry together. I was an interesting experience because we weren’t quite sure what settings to use and a girl walked in to do laundry for one pair of shorts. While our clothes were cleaning, we went to check out the activities fair where we grabbed a free t-shirt and signed up for a trip to Buttermilk Farm, which I heard was beautiful.
As we began to wind our day down at dinner, the weather changed from being sunny to raining and we walked across the damp pavement to Mary Donlon Hall where we’re all blogging.

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