Sunday, June 24, 2012

Things Are Looking Good

Today, we had the luxury of waking up later so for the first time in a week, I got a full eight hours of sleep! After washing up, I headed up for breakfast at around 9:30 AM and met up with the ILC Cornell cohort and Matt (our new friend). After a quick breakfast, we all decided to find the routes to our classes for tomorrow and explore more of the campus. Surprisingly, we didn't get lost this time despite not having a map. After we asked the route to our classes, we decided to go to the Cornell Bookstore but to our dismay, it was closes. We then tried to go up the Cornell Clock Tower, but it too was closed. After being denied twice, we prayed that the nearby library was opened, but (as you probably guess it) it was also closed. I guess not much happens on Sunday. We ended up being drawn into the Science Building by its modern architecture in comparison to its neighboring building. We explored the building and were astounded by the advanced technology in the classrooms. Shortly after, we headed back for lunch, a mere one hour after breakfast. Once we were done, we headed out to Bailey Hall for our College Crash Course.

Great view of the campus of Cornell
Our scenery walking to class
The Cornell Clock Tower
The seminar was led by a Ms. Janet Snoyer. Coincidentally, a huge portion of the seminar was about sleep and our group was talking about how much sleep we were lacking. Ms. Snoyer spent the most time about how the sleeping pattern works: five cycles of 90 minutes. She also told us some techniques of how to sleep throughout the day. While sleep seemed to be the main theme, Ms. Snoyer also talked about Perception, Autonomy, Connectedness, Tone. During the seminar, it was quite evident that most people were getting drowsy, so for about five minutes, we were throwing beach balls around. Unfortunately, we didn't get to, throw the ball too much due to the location of our seats. After the seminar, we met up with Mr. Chan-Law and Mrs. Kronenberg to talk about our classes tomorrow and our laundry situation.

We then went to go do our laundry from last week. Surprisingly, the process was not as difficult as I thought, plus we met some new people in the laundry room. While waiting for our laundry to finish, we played some catch with Alex's tennis ball. A little while after, we went to the Activities Fair to sign up for some extra-curricular activities. There were an array of activities such as intramural sports and field trips. I personally signed up for ballroom dancing and the field trip to Buttermilk Falls. After the Fair, we ate some dinner and we are now in the lounge having a blogging party.

Overall, the day was very smooth. Thanks to Cornell for clearing up my situation yesterday. Things are now getting better and better, and I am extremely excites for class tomorrow with our enthusiastic professor.

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