Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Independence Day for the U.S., Lecture Day for Us

Despite it being July 4th, all of the hotelies had to get up early for a full day of class (not that we were the only ones; the Freedom and Justice kids had an extensive midterm test today). Even though it was a holiday, class was not too bad because the building has air conditioning. Unfortunately it was hard to stay awake during the lectures; everyone is becoming weary, and I see more people dozing off before an hour is even up. Most of us don't get a lot of sleep because we start on projects early, and during class we fix the multitude of mistakes we made. Overall, it is an exhaustive process; in the end, I am still not sure if I am completing assignments correctly.

Today was packed with information. First we had a lecture with Reneta (continuing the discussion on yield management), and then my group went with her to the computer lab to learn about CHESS data, and what we will need for our report (due Friday). Afterwards we took a short break, and then worked with Mark on how to use Excel. It was not particularly hard, but once again he went too fast for me to catch everything. Finally it was time for lunch; Mark and Reneta had to provide us with food because all of the cafeterias were closed today. It was also their 14th-year anniversary, so the TAs got together and surprised them with flowers, a balloon, and a gift (that was the surprise I mentioned yesterday; the entire class was e-mailed about it). Lunch was only an hour today, but we did get out a half-hour early.

During my break I went for a walk and read a book on my iPod. I also grabbed a hot dog from the barbecue they were having outside in celebration of Independence Day. The break from class ended too quickly, and during office hours I hurried to complete my report template and submit the basic data from my simulated hotel. If anyone is interested,  I have it copied here:

Ted E. Bair Inn
Average Daily Rate $90.23,  Occupancy 78%
Department Income
Week 1  $55,636.76
Week 2  $72,319.85
Week 3  $57,865.97
Week 4  $62,901.49
Week 5  $66,924.58
Week 6  $63,611.82
TOTAL  $379,260.47
I was about average with the rest of the class, so I think I am on track. My report will include this data, plus other information from the performance details of the simulation. For now though, I am going to try to catch up on my sleep.

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