Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Test...

Today I decided to sleep on an extra half hour to get more test for the midterm. It ended up being a good decision as I woke up feeling refreshed and ready. After a quick breakfast I headed off to the midterm with Calvin and Alex. 

The midterm was an hour long test, 40 minutes for an essay and 20 minutes for short answer questions. We had three choices for the essay. I chose one in which I was asked to compare three of the author's justification for government. For the short answers we had to identify the origin and purpose of five out of nine quotes and ideas. The test was difficult, but not as hard as I was worried it would be. I felt well prepared, and I am excited to see how I did.
Professor Kramnick lectured us on women's rights and the original feminists. In our discussion section we went deeper in to the topic and 

We then went to Robert H. Treman Park with Mr. Chan-Law and I finally got the chance to go swimming. After about 15 minutes in the water it started pouring, but we decided to wait it out. This turned out to be a good idea when 10 minutes later it stopped raining and we enjoyed another hour relaxing waterside in the sun.
The Falls
After dinner I spent the rest of the night relaxing first with the Cornell Cohort, Matt, Hannon, Alyssa, Sam, and Morgan. Then later in my floor common room with my floor mates while doing my reading for class. Then I blogged and now it is time for sleep. Tomorrow is like Friday, then we have a lineup of several great events for the weekend. Colgate, Spiderman, and Cooperstown.

This is the technical halfway point of the class, and so far this trip has been one of the best experiences of my life. The class is extremely intereseting and I feel like I have grown more intellectually in this week and a half of class than I do in a whole year of high school. Living away from my parents has also been quite an experience and it made me realize how important having a good work ethic and being responsible is. I am going to maintain my current ethics and keep trying to improve them, so actually living alone is not a difficult transition.

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