Thursday, July 5, 2012

Leisure and Liberalism

It was a nice feeling knowing that we would have the day off tomorrow while everyone else had to attend class. In fact, Professor Kramnick reiterated this fact quite a few times throughout the day. As for the actual lecture, Professor Kramnick spoke about the differences between Liberalism and Democracy and the viewpoints of Locke, Smith, and Mill. The lecture and group session seemed to go by faster than usual. In the afternoon, we had a local attorney talk as a guest lecturer who talked about the subject of gay marriage. After class, we met up with Mr. Chan-Law to go over the logistics of tomorrow's campus visit at Colgate University. So in reality, I still have to wake up at the time I usually do. After a quick dinner Eric Wilson, Alex, Hannon, and I decided to go play some pool and then later in the evening, we were joined by Mr. Chan-Law (Eric and Hannon left). I was surprised at how good he was at pool! Alex, and I ended up losing to him in the one-on-one game. 

Overall, today was filled with more leisure time than I will ever have in this next week. With papers due, reading to be done, and a final coming up, I'm surprised I'm getting 7 hours of sleep every night. Well, that's time management at its finest! I look forward to touring Colgate University tomorrow with Eric, Alex, and Mr. Chan-Law!

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