Thursday, July 5, 2012

Up Next: The Holy Trinity

Today was a special day. It was the day that Freedom and Justice gets to hold over every other course at Cornell. It was the start of our 3 day weekend.

The school day was relatively normal. Professor Kramnick lectured on the ideas of John Stuart Mill and the realtionship between freedom and democracy. It was a very interesting topic The most interesting part for me was Kramnick's idea that technically everyone in the U.S. is a liberal in some way. The Republicans being concerned with the right of property, a liberal idea, and the democrats being concerned with the rights of life and liberty, two very liberal concepts. We followed the lecture with what I think was our best discussion section yet.

After lunch a lawyer friend, Richard Stumbar, of Professor Kramnick's talked to us about the issues of gay marriage laws, and his part in the struggle to eradicate them. Calvin, Alex, and I went to the library for a little while, after that, and I began refining my esssay. We then briefly met with Mr. Chan-Law about our weekend plans. I met briefly with Ulas during his office hours to talk about my essay. He gave me some very helpful advice on what he wants to see in my 2nd draft, and I feel prepared to make my next draft a drastic improvement to the first. THe rest of the night I spent eating dinner, playing pool, and finally watching  the movie Kick-Ass with Morgan.

I cannot wait for this weekend and the multiple activitise we have planned. It is crazy to think that this is my last weekend in New York! I am going to make it fantastic and memorable.

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