Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Our Precious Plato Papers

Today we continued our class lecture on Marx. We explored Marx's view on the effect of society due to its economic foundation. Throughout most of the lecture, I couldn't help but to wonder how I would get communism to actually work. There are always so many debates concerning the practicality of communism. Unfortunately, I found no success. During our discussion session, we mainly went over things that were still a little grey in order to prepare for our final on Friday. We also connected the ideas of the older and newer writers. After class, I went straight to my dorm to work on my paper. I spent a good hour revising it and adding more content. Afterwards, I went to my TA's office hours where he went over my revised but still in-progress essay. He gave me some good pointers and reminded me that there is really no wrong answer, as long as I back up my argument.

After office hours, apparently, the others in the Cornell cohort went to meet with Ms. Bugliosi (the new director of the Summer College) in regards to the scholarships given. Unfortunately, I never received the email concerning this meeting so I decided to email Ms. Bugliosi to send me the information that I missed. Hopefully I will get to meet her too. I did, however, receive the email for the Cornell Admission seminar. During this seminar/workshop, we went over how to fill out the Common Application and other important aspects the Cornell Admissions Office is looking for. I found this workshop to be very helpful. 

After the workshop and dinner, Alex, Eric Wilson, Hannon, and I went to Donlon and up to the 6th floor lounge to work on our essays some more. Once again, we decided to read each others' essays to give some feedback. After two weeks of nitpicking at our own papers trying to get them perfect, after putting in hours of time trying to find those perfect words to use, after getting frustrated at not knowing what to write next, our hard work will pay off. These papers have become one with us. Never have I spent so much time writing just one, single paper.

Overall, this was one of the more productive days I have had. For some reason, doing work seems pretty fun. I don't know if it's the college atmosphere or what, but for the first time (I think in my life), I thoroughly enjoyed working on an essay. Cornell seems to have a spell cast on me.

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