Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Peak of Productivity

Today was an extremely productive day, and I can definitely go to sleep stress free tonight. Professor Kramnick's lecture completed our section on Marx. The basic idea was that Marx thinks history is predetermined to follow a certain path which leads from feudalism, to capitalism, and ultimately results in communism. I thought it was interesting that he spends so much effort prescribing a communistic state of society, but never actually specifically describes what this community would be like. In our discussion section we talked more about the governmental evolution which ends in communism, and defined the differences between capitalism and communism more clearly.

Alex and I finally got the chance to eat lunch with our professor, along with four other students who's last names were late in the alphabet. It was an interesting experience to get to connect with Kramnick on a more personal level and learn more about my other classmates. I wish we had more time to do these lunches, as all we had time to do was introduce ourselves, but I understand that the three week program is very restricting. We had our final writing workshop after lunch, in which Ulas further defined Marx's theory, then went over what he expected for our final tests. It was a very helpful lesson.

After classes I met briefly with Ulas, then attended a meeting with the Summer College Director for students who earned a scholarship. After a little work on my essay, Alex, Hannon, Calvin, and I attended a college admission workshop in which two Cornell Admissions Officers went over the general application and gave advice on how to make ours stand out. I spent the rest of the night, aside from dinner and a quick meeting with Mr. Chan-Law, finishing up revisions on my essay and I am very pleased with the final result, although still very nervous about how it will be received and graded. Tomorrow is the last day before the final, and I already know it will be filled with studying and review.

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