Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Plato Papers to Perfection!

Today we learned more about Karl Marx, especially his ideas of the economic foundation of the industrial era and the conflicts between the proletariat (laborers) and the bourgeoisie (machine owners) classes.  Marx states through his determined development that the bourgeoisie class is meant to be overthrown one day and a communist society is to take over.  This all ties back to Marx’s idea of economic equality for all.

I had my assigned lunch with Professor Kramnick this afternoon (I was in the last group as he organizes it alphabetically by last name).  We spent the lunchtime introducing ourselves: our hobbies, life back at home, and plans we have for the future.  It was fun hearing stories of where everybody lives and what they all like to do, I wish we would have enough time for multiple sessions. 

The late afternoon was spent in Uris Library before meeting Ulas for extra help on my essay.  He clarified my introductory paragraph, which was especially useful and really mapped out my thoughts to compose a better-organized essay.  Later Eric Wilson and I met the Hotelies at Day Hall, where we met Janna, a director of Summer College. She wanted to chat about our experience at Cornell: what we have enjoyed doing, any activities we have been involved in, and what we think could be better, etc. She was very positive and encouraging, and again I would have liked to meet her earlier so we could have discussed how we have changed since arriving at Cornell, similar to the lunch with Professor Kramnick. 

Our Plato essays are due tomorrow and I am trying to revise it to perfection! We have all been putting so much time and effort into our essays and I really hope the hard work pays off!

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