Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept...

After a minor mishap involving confusion between the location of this and the ILC Orientation next week, my mother and I arrived at Lavonya Dejean Middle School. I rushed in, and after exchanging pleasantries with everyone I recognized, I went to sit with my cohort.
The meeting began with a discussion over the district's support of adult education. It was interesting to get the chance to see how the school board operates. After the school board decided to continue supporting adult education and the issue was resolved, the meeting moved on to recognizing the Ivy League Connection members. One by one the cohorts from various school were called up, and the chaperons made a short speech describing our programs and the schools we will be visiting, then introduced the students. After the speech we received a certificate of recognition and went to stand to the side. After the students and chaperons, the contributors were given certificates. Then two former ILCers made passionate speeches encouraging the continuation of the ILC. Finally we gathered for a group photo, and after many, seemingly insignificant adustments from Don, and blinding photo after blinding photo, I am sure that we got the perfect picture to showcase the ILC of 2012.
Seeing the level of dedication and support which the community has for the IlC program makes me extremely proud to be a part of it. Its an honor to be an ambassador to the West Contra Costa Unified School District. A program like this gives opportunities to the higher achieving students in our district for which we are all (I speak for everybody) extremely grateful. This meeting showed me how important and rare a porgram like the ILC is, and made me appreciate it all the more. My motivation to excel during my time on the East Coast has increased, since now I know that how I do reflects not only on my image, but on the image of the district as a whole. I am determined to represent the WCCUSD as best as I can, and I look forward to the chance to show all that we truly have to offer. I readily accept the mission to be the best ambassador for our district that I can.
Alexander Wing was unable to make the meeting due to illness, and I wish him the best and a fast recovery. Get well soon Alex!
Only the orientation left, then its off to Ithaca!

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