Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Day 3 of a Busy Week

To some, this would be the second (or even first) event of the week, but to the Hercules Cornell group, this would be the third. Following the dinner and a council meeting, the board meeting would be the final event until next week. It was the first event that I arrived a little late in, but I quickly found a seat. With the room nearly packed, the School board meeting started.

After about half an hour of discussions on the budget cuts toward adult education, it was finally our turn to talk. If my memory serves me correctly, my group was the fourth program to go up to the podium. I walked with Helen Naizghi and together, held the Cornell banner with pride. Sadly Alex Wing couldn't come due to a fever, but our chaperon, Mr. Chan-Law introduced the rest of us, and we moved aside to let the other programs introduce themselves.

Lastly came the guest speakers (Austin Long and Terilyn Chen), who both spoke about how great of a program the Ivy League Connection is, which I totally agree on, and how it prepared them for college. One thing that stuck to my head was the word "magical" Terilyn Chen used to describe her experience at Cornell, which I want to see even more now.

Now came the hard part. The introductions and speeches were over, but arguably the most challenging part of this entire meeting was the group picture at the end. I was thinking, "how on earth were they going to be able to fit all of us and the parents on the stands?!" Luckily, there was photographer Don to the rescue. He was able to position everyone to fit in the picture. 20 flashes later, we were finally done. One thing that I wish for though, is to have no one blink during the pictures so there won't be any excess shots taken to save my eyes the ordeal of an extra blinding flash or two.

Exiting the Board meeting, we were all finally one step closer to our summer in the East coast. School's almost out and Cornell is less than a month away. Time flies by fast!

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