Wednesday, May 23, 2012

School Board, check. Giant picture, check. Sleep...not quite.

The School Board meeting has marked another milestone, and has me taught another lesson about ILC - it is exhausting. The meeting tonight went well; everyone went up with their respective schools when called, while their chaperones gave a short speech about what we would be doing while visiting the East Coast. I heard many of the statistics from the website repeated, but was still awed by the fame of this program, and more amazed that I was part of it. As I stood up there, though, listening to everyone speak, I also felt the weight of three events and long nights of homework weighing down on my eyelids. I am not used to doing so many special events in a row, so this is one more new experience I can add to my list of "Things I Have Accomplished" (sub-category, "Really Tiring Things I Have Accomplished").

Yet I still have no complaints. I know that there will be many long nights while I am at Cornell, in addition to adjusting my internal clock to a three-hour difference. To me, this is just a practice run; since I am still alive, and not behind on my blogs yet, I think I will survive after all.

I am worried about my eyesight, though. Don took about twenty consecutive pictures tonight of the entire ILC cohort, including all of the parents and chaperones, on top of the pictures he took while we were presenting ourselves to the School Board. I hope I did not blink for all of them. I swear it took two more minutes than last night to shake off the bright lights that were appearing over anything I tried to look at....

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  1. Rachael,

    Actually, it was 29 straight shots of the group. You all did a great job last night, in presenting yourselves before the Board, the assembled audience and your fans at home.

    I also appreciate how cooperative you all were in helping me set up the photo. The group was significantly smaller than expected (only about 95 instead of 115). Nonetheless, it was still difficult to arrange so everyone looked good.

    I'm sure that you can take this week's experiences and use them as learning tools. As you mentioned, at Cornell you may be faced with many more days like this and you need to be ready.