Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Second Step

This evening, my mother and I arrived at LaVonya DeJean Middle School for the School Board Meeting right on time at 6:15 PM, but I guess Don wasn't kidding when he said that "on time" didn't really mean "on time" but rather 15 minutes earlier since I missed the whole briefing session of when the ILCers were going to be announced.

I had never been to a school board meeting before and was surprised to find out that it was basically a publicized conference. The first part of the meeting was on the issue of funding on adult education. I thought it was neat how the public could just sign up to speak to the School Board to express their views, opinions, and suggestions without any prerequisites.

After that, it was our turn to be introduced to the audience. One by one, every cohort went up and the chaperon gave a brief speech. We also heard amazing speeches given by former ILCers that inspired us and taught us about the wonderful things to look forward to this summer. The speeches were phenomenal and really turned my level of excitement up a notch.

Once the speeches were over, it was time for the huge group picture. The whole process took about 15 minutes, and since I'm not that flexible, sitting on the floor cross-legged was excruciatingly painful. Added onto that was about 20 bright flashes from the camera that made me wonder if I had blinked in every shot or the flash just blinded me for a split second.

Overall, the School Board Meeting was a great experience and has cemented the fact that I am truly a part of the ILC.     

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