Thursday, July 12, 2012

Completing Camp Kramnick

It will be another short blog today as tomorrow is the final for our course. Our last official class covered the philosophies of Martin Luther King and Malcolm X regarding racial equality. Professor Kramnick gave us a quick farewell speech, and wished us well. The discussion section was the same as ever, an expansion of the lecture's topic. After lunch we had the day off, with an optional discussion with Kramnick at 2. The discussion with Professor Kramnick was interesting, but not particularly helpful for the final. I spent the rest of of the day studying for the final alone and with various classmates.

It is sad to think this program is almost over. I have gotten so used to the daily routine of the class and living individually. I am going to miss all my class mates and teachers, and the feeling that every day I am becoming a more intellectual person. Hopefully the test goes well! It's almost the end!

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