Thursday, July 12, 2012

One More Day

Today was the last full school day, since tomorrow ends at noon. These last two weeks felt it went a little too fast. I was starting to enjoy this campus. Though I hated the long walks to class, the campus is amazing, and the people here are great.

Our class started with office hours for about 2 and a-half hours. Mark and Reneta wanted us to work on the final report and try to finish it before the end of class so people won’t stay up all night to do it. Since our group was extremely organized, we were almost done before lunch time. Everyone in our group had most of their work done and we just needed to edit and add everything in our final template. We continued on our final report by adding small details to it in the afternoon. When Mark looked over at our near complete report, he said he was impressed at how far we were on the paper. The entire day was just about the report. We wanted it to be really good, so our group kept on editing. It felt weird to have our last office hours as well as having our last proper lectures. Technically, our classes are almost all over, and I am excited to stay at the Statler Hotel and also to return to my house.

At the end of office hours, 9 PM, I had free time. I was so happy that my group had finished, and I didn't need to stay up at night to work on it. I could get a good nights sleep before my last school day ever in Cornell this year. I went to the lounge and watched some TV shows. All that's left for tomorrow is the evaluation and saying goodbye to everyone in the hotel management class; I would hate saying goodbye to my new friends Jiyoon, Julia and Andrea but I am more excited to go back home.

The three weeks has passed by very quickly, and it is already the last day of class tomorrow. Once I turn in my report, I will be officially done with our course. It was a great experience and I cannot wait until graduation on Saturday! 

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