Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Last Day...

Tomorrow is the day: our Final Exam.  Time has literally flown by so fast, since hugging my mom goodbye at the high school around 3 in the morning until now.  Once we arrived at Cornell the whole campus and the people was like a foreign expereince to me.  I have met so many great people and have learned so much about myself in these four weeks with the ILC.  And unfortunately, it will soon come to a close.  I wish I had more time to tell you about this reflection experience of mine, but I will have to save it for another time as I need to invest as much time as I can to study for this final!

Today we learned about Race and Equality in the Western Tradition. For the first time we studied American philosophers, Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X.  This was the final segment of the class: Professor Kramnick’s last lecture, Ulas’ final discussion, it has all come to a close. I am so sad that the class is almost over, but I am so appreciative of all the opportunities that have been made available to me through the Ivy League Connection and Cornell Summer College. There will be another entry for reflection another day, but I have to get back to studying, wish us luck!

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