Friday, July 13, 2012

I Love It Here, Simple as That

We woke up an hour later after Professor Kramnick rewarded us with a 10 o’clock start for our final.  Of course, at our last meal at the Robert Purcell Community Center, the day of our final, Cornell decides to conduct a fire drill in which everybody had to evacuate.  The test was not easy, it required much critical thinking and preparation, but after two hours, it was over.  We gave Professor Kramnick a hug goodbye and a massive “thank you” before heading out of Goldwin Smith Hall for the last time.  We left for lunch at Trillium before heading to our respective dorms to pack up and check out.

ECHS Freedom and Justice with Professor Kramnick and Hannon
"Kamp Kramnick" coming to a close
I didn’t need to check out until after five, so took my time packing and cherishing the moments in Risley for the final hours.  I have really grown to love the place; the location is the only inconvenience.  I have considered Risley my home as of recent, and have really found a routine in the dorm life.  With only one floor of guys in the building, I have really bonded with some of the people on our floor.  I really am going to miss the people the most; the thought of never seeing some of them again seems unthinkable right now.  I knocked on some doors and said some final goodbyes to my neighbors before Asher came to check me out. 

Goldwin Smith Hall with McGraw Hall in Background
Asher and Riley, the two R.C.A.s on our floor, have really treated us well during the trip.  They are both only eighteen but I feel like they are so much older than I am.  They have been essential in my amazing experience at Cornell and I am so glad that I met them both.  Asher did a final inspection of the room before we shared a final goodbye. 

We checked into the Statler Hotel, just like when we arrived in Ithaca.  I realized that I have changed so much since our arrival.  We have been accustomed to dorm life, and now we get one more taste of luxury before our departure.  We spent the night stress-free in each other’s rooms, enjoying what is left for us in Ithaca.

The Statler from the Back
Dinner was at ZaZa restaurant near the campus.  I realized that I have really missed these fancy dinners we have had with our group and am so sad that this will be our last one.  The high life has been so enjoyable and I’m glad that we had one more dinner to reflect on our experience at Cornell. 

Some of my very good friends we enrolled in “Kamp Kramnick” last summer.  One of them in particular, Nick, could not stop talking about a certain ice cream parlor in Ithaca, Purity Creamery, once he realized I was attending Summer College.  Mr. Chan-Law has already visited the parlor to pick up an ice cream cake for my birthday almost two weeks ago, which was such a generous and considerate act on the part of my group.  We visited Purity after dinner for dessert, and we all loved it.  The double-scoop was enormous; I ordered a combination of chocolate-chip cookie dough and mint chip on a chocolate and rainbow sprinkle dipped waffle cone.  All of my expectations were met, this ice cream was amazing!
Tuscan Steak with Asparagus 

Enjoying Our Last Night Together!
This will be the last time I will be blogging to you from Ithaca.  I have absolutely loved my time on the East Coast, and I would do anything to spend more time here with my friends.  I am so grateful for all of the people that I have met and I have created such a special bond with my group throughout this past month.  I would love to introduce you all to my friends but I hope I can describe them all another time when I write my reflective blog.

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