Friday, July 13, 2012

A Surprisingly Good Day

The awesome risotto that we're at the end, our time spent in New York seems to have passed by so quickly. I can still remember getting up at 4:00 AM to meet with Don for our last-minute orientation and pictures four weeks ago. Today was good though; my group finished our work an hour early, and I was able to finish with all of my chores by 2:00 PM. I enjoyed my last lunch at RPCC (salad again), and at 3:00 PM I went to check out the design program's final show - basically, they made complex paper light covers. Afterwards, I packed up my stuff, vacuumed my room, checked out, said good-bye to some of the people I often encountered on my floor or in class, and left for the Statler Hotel. I am not sure why we are staying at the Statler, though, since we could have stayed in the dorms until Saturday afternoon (I have no complaints about the hotel, since it has air conditioning, a soft bed, and no roommates!).

Everyone at the restaurant; we devoured our food!
For dinner, we ate at Zaza Cucina - an Italian restaurant - and enjoyed our last night eating fancy. I had a salad for an appetizer, and a deliciously creamy risotto for my main course. We decided to head over to the ice cream parlor for desert (Purity's); the line was long, but it went by quickly and was worth it. I got a single scoop of mint chip with peanut butter and gummy bears. The scoops were generous (probably an understatement) and all of us could barely finish it.

Now Eric Wilson, Calvin, Alex, Frank, and I are all in Calvin's room blogging (or at least Alex and I are, for now) while listening to music. I am eager to go home, but I will miss Cornell. I won't be writing a reflective blog tonight, but I can say this - these past four weeks have seemed almost like one long, adventurous dream.

A third of the way in....

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