Tuesday, July 3, 2012

An Academic Day

Today's blog will be short as I spent the whole day studying/in class and I want to get to sleep early to prepare for the Midterm Exam tomorrow.

We discussed the second part of Locke's theories, which included the reason for government, the idea of consent, and reasons which justify revolution. After lunch, a local judge, Judge Judith, came and spoke to us about two murder cases she had presided over. Then we had a second lecture to make up for Friday. Our second lecture introduced the topic of women's rights and their freedoms before and after the Industrial Revolution. We then went to office hours to get speak to Ulas about the midterm and ask any last minute questions. I spent the rest of the day studying with various people. I decided to stop a little before check in and take the last half an hour to relax. After I finish blogging I am going to shower and go right to sleep. I feel prepared for the midterm, but I am still nervous. Stay posted for a post quiz analysis tomorrow!

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